This Is How We Do It is an online art blog and podcast that gives an intimate look into the unique creative process from some of today’s most talented artists. We hope this platform will become the launch point for artists to connect with each other and their fans to form a new community with a common goal:  to help fellow artists improve their abilities and provide fans with a new place to discover art.

We have always been interested in the personal style of each artist and their unique approach to creating individual pieces. If 10 artists are given the task, “Draw a family,” we would have 10 incredibly different finished pieces. One artist may have a family of 3 standing in front of their ‘white-picket fence’ house; another might decide to draw a family of lions in the wild; while others may turn to pop-culture and draw their favorite TV or movie family. That is what This Is How We Do It is all about. We want to show you a variety of artists and their approach to completing a piece with a common theme utilizing their strengths. Hopefully you will learn something new that can be applied to future pieces of your own!

High quality prints, zines, and other delightful art goodies featuring the work of our contributing artists will be available for you. Be sure to check back later to see our store.

Our subject for This Is How We Do It:  Volume 1 will be the Yeti and Sasquatch. Create an original piece using the mysterious Yeti and Sasquatch characters.

Artist Submissions…For more information or if you are interested in being a featured artist on This Is How We Do It, you can submit samples of your work or a link to your online portfolio HERE. We will reach out to you if interested!